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John Biddle College of Engineering
Tim Pine College of Engineering
 Roberta Lynn Plant and Soil Science
 Allyne Winderman Architecture
 Jose Gomez Rose Float / Steinway Initative
Jennifer Cryer CLASS
Robyne Kelly Area of Greatest Need
Anita Klein Ron Simons Rose Float Endow
Gil Abdalian Rose Float
Amy Johns Industrial and Manufactoring Engineering
Armando Fuentes Aerospace Engineering
Michele Gendreau Rose Float
Ben Dewald Collins College
Scott Warrington Area of Greatest Need
Robert Weis College of ENV
Adalberto & Janeth Rodriguez Masters in Public Admininstration
Jean Gipe AMM Outstanding Achievement Award
Ali Ahmadi Aerospace Engineering
Irwin Chow Philosophy Department
Doreen Nelson College of Education Design Based Learning
Melissa Riordan Alumni Association
Lindsey Bistline Area of Greatest Need
Eric Levitt College of Engineering
Bryan Peterson College of Engineering
David Speak Political Science/ Renaissance Scholars
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Yee Joe and Grace Yee Scholarship Fund
Dieter Lodder Horticulture
Robert Augenstein College of Engineering
Bruce Kirstein Chemical Engineering
William Boyle College of Engineering
Charolette Odette Rose Float
Megan Callaghan Political Science
Vivien Leung Political Science
Dan Hostetler Horticulture
Franbert Calderon Political Science
Grace Arnold College of Education Design Based Learning
Barbara Jean Bruin Collins College
Jill Escoto Alumni Association
Sylvia Hall Hall Family Endowment
Naomi Mickelson Music Department
Oronne Nwaneri Black Student Union
Anthony Marraccino Rose Float
Stella Quirk Area of Greatest Need
Julie Steinbach Ginger Friedman Scholarship Fund
Uyen Mai Asian & Pacific Islander Student Center
Samuel Moore History Department
Judith Tosti Horticulture
Antoinette Abernathy College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences
Nikki Khurana Renaissance Scholars Program
Ron Madrid College of Engineering
Sandra L. Davis Athletic Program Scholarships
Kristin Surber Athletic Program
Francine Ramirez Partner’s in Education
David Raymundo Political Science
Jiro Oka Political Science
Anthony Juarez Political Science
Juanita Roxas International Business and Marketing
Tim Lynch Partner’s in Education
Joel Parham Political Science
Tom Munnerlyn Career Center
Gary Wintergerst College of Engineering
David Toyama Aerospace Engineering
Christine Murray Graphic Design
Robert Fabrize International Business and Marketing
Steve Kikuchi Landscape Architecture
Richard Wenning College of Engineering
Karen Braxley The Recreation Center
Laura Breunig-Parra Animal Science
Rose Marquez College of Environmental Design
Stephen Pagett College of Engineering
Kathryn Feffer-Cato Theatre Department
Joyce Emilio International Business and Marketing
Kristin Conant Collins College
Sarah Heitz Sociology Department
Michael Landeros College of Engineering/Athletic
Elias Domingo College of Engineering
Andrew Flores Urban and Regional Planning
Carter Smith College of Engineering
Patricia LaRue College of Agriculture Scholarships
Fern Gipe Apparel Merch & Mgmt Outstanding Scholarships
Abigail Jewkes College of Education and Integrative Studies
Richard Lara Political Science
Duc Nguyen Engineering Technology
Marc-Mitchell Miyashiro Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rafael Buitrago Industrial Engineering
Peter Quinn Plant Science Department
Ted and Gabrielle Pate Animal Science / College of Education
John Rotunni Steinway Initative
Stephen Chao Mechanical Engineering
Sharon Chapman Rose Float / Arabian Horse Boarding
Carolyn Dupaquier Rose Float / College of Agriculture
Terence Pao Civil Engineering
Ricardo Torres Urban and Regional Planning
Charles Krag College of Agriculture Scholarships
James Bonaparte College of Engineering
John Keibel College of Engineering
Michael Smith College of Engineering
Phi Su College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences
Jill Hargis Political Science
Mark Sugino Animal Science
Randy Wallace African American Student Center
Kenneth Johnson College of Engineering
Cathy Bates Office of Student Life / Student Development Leadership Institute
David Williams Civil Engineering
Daniel Palasciano National Model United Nations Program
Christopher Lunardi Political Science
Frederick Trujillo Psychology Department
James Howard College of Engineering
Aasta Yim Food Marketing/Agribusiness Club
Aasta Yim College of Agriculture
Leslie Potts College of Engineering
Patrick Shushereba Political Science
Gerry Nelson Rose Float
Brandon Blaydes Maximizing Engineering Potential
Homer Savage College of Engineering
Nuttapong Chivangkul College of Engineering
Michael Godfrey Collins Hospitality Society Endowment
Thomas Vos College of Engineering
Justin Albright Area of Greatest Need
Karina Andrade Area of Greatest Need
Jonathan Farrar National Model United Nations Program
Liep Fu Jonathan Goeij General Scholarships
David Mitchell Aerospace Engineering
Daniel Nguyen Collins College
Prentiss Robinson College of Engineering
James Williamson College of Engineering
Ila  Mungra Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dolores Wiarco Cultural Centers
G. William Norris College of Environmental Design
Rita Downs Chemical Engineering
Greggory Mansur Honor’s College
Gerald Herder College of Engineering
Laurie Lawhorn Lineberry Urban and Regional Planning
Jim Duncan College of Agriculture
Kaidick Cheung Area of Greatest Need
Homero Nishiwaki Architecture
John Pohlmann History Department
Doc and Tina Shelton Engineering Student Project Center and Workspace
Nina Ann Tanabe Food Science
Kelly Bajaj College of Engineering
Olivia To Area of Greatest Need
Ronald Johnson Collins College
Adam Coletta Music Department
Mario Rosas College of Agriculture
Charles Tipton Johns Scolinos Stadium
Bonnie Derrick Collins College
Ira Pemstein College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences
Julia Abremski Collins College
Ariel Weinshanker Collins College
Vivian Na Area of Greatest Need
Kristin Tran Office of Student Life / Cultural Centers
Wilson Crider Baseball
Thomas Duffy Area of Greatest Need
Rebecca Keeton Latino Faculty, Staff and Student Association
Barbara Way Babara J. Way Scholarship Fund
Joseph Weisenfelder Athletics Department
Amanullah Rehman Collins College Scholarships
Nola Sharky College of Environmental Design
Robert Sterling Psychology Department
Steven Rasmussen Psychology Department
Huan Le Aerospace Engineering
Vinh Bui College of Engineering
Francine Muniz Area of Greatest Need
Laraine Turk Cultural Centers
William and Yvette Reagan Area of Greatest Need
Scott Lawrence Area of Greatest Need
Kathleen Mancilla Political Science
Phillip Wolf John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies
Chris Kuhn College of Engineering
Custom Leisure Services Rose Float
Pamela Maune Bronco Pep Band
David Overoye Educational Multimedia Department
James Snyder College of Engineering
Siew-Mei Tan College of Engineering
Narek Der-Sahakian College of Engineering
Carolyn Martin College of Environmental Design
Daniel Lemoine Rose Float Building Fund
Amado Garcia Civil Engineering
Jorge Barboza Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kevin Colangelo Mechanical Engineering
Bianca Vargas Art Department
Alexis Cendeno Political Science
Frank Bryant International Business and Marketing
Stephan Daly College of Agriculture
Thomas Pasienski College of Engineering
Alice LeDoux Architecture
Lorraine Lubanski Foods & Nutrition
Elizabeth Switzer Political Science
Fred Roach College of Engineering
John Ekberg Agricultural Biology
Thomas Herman College of Engineering
Lawrence Grable Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Wilcox College of Engineering
George Ryon Rose Float Building Fund
Robert Conway Psychology Department
David Pollock Horticulture
Sheila Espy Apparel Merchandising and Management
Stephen Rose English Department
Lorena Marquez Cesar E. Chavez Center
Matthew Kang Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adriana UrangaBaker College of Engineering
Rebecca Unitt Urban and Regional Planning
Cindy Havenhill Area of Greatest Need
Tammie Velasquez Cesar E. Chavez Center
Lloyd Halstead John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies
Gregory & Stephanie Verabian College of Environmental Design
Annette Licata Area of Greatest Need
Nancy Majors Area of Greatest Need
George Shropshire College of Agriculture
Steven Daugherty College of Agriculture
Lauramae Recupero Industrial Engineering
Julia Chavez Agricultural Education Fund
Randall Olson Alumni Association
Connie Kevari College of Agriculture
Dan On Mechanical Engineering
Maria Sipin Communication Department
Jaclyn Ellerbee College of Engineering
Cecilia Santiago-Gonzalez Latino Faculty, Staff and Student Association
Christie Espinoza Chemical Engineering
Erik Dimitruk Political Science
Alice Swift Collins College
Kayhan Ahmadi Computer Science
Dolores Ybarra Motor Development Clinic
Nadine Carlton Computer Science
Hilliam Family College of Science
Robert Ardinger Biological Sciences
Jwo Wu Computer Science
Susan Liu-Maruya College of Science
Charles Millner College of Science
Joseph Adam Computer Science
Josette Descalzo College of Science
Lisa Stockford College of Science
Donald Gwen Hoyt College of Science
Anne Maria Lubatti College of Science
Salvador Garfias SEES
Ernest Stegemann Motor Development Clinic
Guadalupe Mota College of Science
Pamela Sperry-Zwingman College of Science
Jerry Marcum College of Science
Edward Fast Computer Science
Janet Allen Biological Sciences
Tony Ho Computer Science
Bum Su Cho Mathematics Department
Lisa Mahoney Biological Sciences
Richard Crawford College of Science
Larry and Bricky Hirigoyen Mathematics/ Engineering / Motor Development Clinic
Linda Brown Biological Sciences
Andra Sipin Biological Sciences
Ralph Westfall Computer Information Systems
Pamela Adams College of Business
Natalie Graff College of Business
Victor Moy Accounting Department
Randy Horowitz CBA Building Campaign
Ryan Bell College of Business
Sean Clark College of Business
Harold Diep Accounting Department
Herbert Mercer College of Business
Jeff Cox College of Business
Gina Hare College of Business
Cheryl Wyrick College of Business
Kevin Farmer Management and Human Resources
Steve Tableman College of Business
Steve Hartranft Marketing Management Department
David McAllster Accounting Department
Kathy Byrum CBA Dean’s Leadership Fund/ Communications Department
Siubhan Lynagh-Shannon Marketing Management Department
Mike Fitzhugh College of Business
Ronald Vargas College of Business
John Natividad Computer Information Systems
Michael Hua Computer Information Systems
Hong Pak Accounting Department
Rene Aguero Computer Information Systems
Jeffrey Sy Management and Human Resources
Nicolas Rabbat Computer Information Systems
Joseph Kantoris College of Business
Ronald Ortega College of Business
Daniel Smith Computer Information Systems
Elizabeth Caputo College of Business
Lea Cain College of Business
Julia Francis College of Business
Gerrilyn Boer Management and Human Resources
Priscilla Unger Computer Information Systems
Donald Guenette College of Business
Carlos Garcia Management and Human Resources
Kevin Butscher Computer Information Systems
Tony Brock College of Business
Peggy Snyder Peggy J. Snyder Scholarship
Nancy Como Accounting Department
Lydia Chen Shah American Marketing Association
John Azhderian Computer Information Systems
Velma Riggs CBA Building Campaign
Renita Bess Accounting Department
Natalie Carlson College of Business
Ricky Phan College of Business
Kimberly Green Accounting Department
Ronald Harrington College of Business
Matthew Mulyanto International Business and Marketing
Timothy Schultz College of Business
Chester Morales College of Business
Kathryn Stannard College of Business
Samuel Jimenez Management and Human Resources
Ryan Saadat College of Business
Brian Noble Marketing Management Department
Nichola Brown Liberal Studies
Sheila McCoy Liberal Studies
Miriam Harmon Liberal Studies
Nicole Forrest Boggs Liberal Studies
Brennen Byers Liberal Studies
Tanya Magana Liberal Studies
Connie Kevari College of Agriculture
Dan On Mechanical Engineering

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